Fine Organics

Vikas Elastochem Agencies Pvt Ltd acts as a distributor for the following range of products which are used in the Tyre and Rubber Industry.
  • Rubaid
  • Finawax
  • Finastat
  • Finalux
  • Finaflex
  • Finetek
Fine Organics was founded in 1970. Fine Organics introduced the Indian market to high-quality additives for specialty applications with raw materials from locally-grown plant sources and quality levels on par with international standards.

Today, Fine’s range of innovative additives have expanded their reach into several specialty applications in food, plastics, cosmetics, textiles, paints, inks, rubber and many more. The company’s products are appreciated and accepted globally due to their consistent quality and competitiveness.

Fine Organics owes its growth and success to its expertise on oleochemistry, in-house manufacturing technology, customer-centric research and development and a techno-commercial mindset. They have highly qualified technocrats in marketing, production and quality control that provide exceptional support to our customers.

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