Chem-Trend India Pvt. Ltd

Vikas Elastochem Agencies Pvt Ltd deals with Chem-Trend Rubber release agents and mould protectors

We offer Chem-Trend’s Monocoat® and Permamold® range of both solvent and water based semi permanent release agents for molds for the rubber industry and as well as for flexible and rigid mandrels of the rubbers hoses. Chem-Trend is a global leader in the development, production and supply of specialized mold release agents

Chem-Trend was founded in 1960 and established as international supplier of release agents for the rubber, tyre, polyurethane and composites, Then was acquired by Freudenburg of Germany. The Freudenburg chemical specialities group also includes Klüber lubrication and OKS. Together the 3 companies form a strong combination of product development, technological innovation and industrial expertise.

The company has over 50 years of experience making high performance release agents, tire paints, purge compounds and ancillary products related to molding, casting and forming operations. Their expertise goes well beyond just the products that they develop and manufacture, it reaches into the production processes of the industries that we serve. Our seasoned professionals help our customers to produce higher quality parts, more efficiently and at lower overall cost.

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